Winter Update and Bull Test Report – February 18, 2021

As January ushered in the new year with warmer temperatures than normal it was a welcome reprieve from what it could have been. As we get ready for calving, conditions are still cleaner and dryer than normal. Hopefully it is not an indication of what we have to look forward to through the spring and summer.

As most ag commodities have seen a bump in price through early winter it also may have an impact on hay supplies as more acres are taken out of hay and put into grain to take advantage of higher anticipated grain prices. It has inspired some optimism in the cattle market as fat cattle have gained some leverage and March and April outlooks on feeder cattle are looking promising.

The yearling bulls are doing well with steady gains, recording an average daily gain of 2.9# per day on a high roughage ration the last weight period. We expect the bulls to be able to perform on a forage diet as we develop them to ensure they continue to maintain condition while breeding cows for their new owners.  We continue to put selection pressure on ERTs (economic relevant traits) which allows the producer to maximize income off of limited  resources. We also concentrate on moderate cow size and actually weigh each cow and record BCS (body condition scores) at weaning to ensure a low maintenance, easy fleshing cow herd is propagated. The bulls exhibit natural thickness and true Angus phenotype, masculinity, and quiet dispositions. We avoid extremes and believe in balance in selection traits. We also focus on marbling, which ensures end product acceptance and consistency in the market steers.

Our offering consists of 28 yearling bulls, with genomic enhanced epds to increase accuracy and ensure 100% parent verification. We will once again be hosting our Beginning Day Private Treaty Event on Saturday, March 27. We are returning to the original location where we began our bull sales 29 years ago, Located 1/2 mile North of Ben and Dana’s / Wood’s Hay and Grain facility, as they have grown into and filled up the big quonset Barn as their business continues to grow. Lunch will be provided in our heated shop, while the bulls will be penned in the corrals adjacent to the Red Barn. 

The bulls are being fed at the Little Bullpen just north of the sale site.  Feel free to stop by and look through them at your convenience, we’re always around.  

Thanks for your time and Good Luck Calving,  

The Woods