2014 Fall Bred Heifer Sale

Hello friends and Cattlemen, what an exciting time for the cattle industry. It seems too good to be true to have a product in such high demand. All classes of cattle are bringing more dollars per hundredweight than ever before, and there appears to be no near turning point. But the real premiums are being received by the calves of known and traceable genetic superiority. Red Angus has proved they can do it all. Whether building a cowherd or breeding for high yielding and quality carcass cattle, the genetics you select for now and the program behind it, are what will allow you to hit the high mark on sale day now and in the future.

This year we will be offering 43 Registered Red Angus Bred Heifers through an internet-only Auction hosted by Cattle in Motion. The heifers have been videoed and will be displayed online starting October 13, at either our website or Cattle in Motion. Lot numbers, performance data and breeding information will be available at that time. Bidding will open on October 26 and close October 28. The base price is set at $1500 and each bid is in $100 increments. Register with Cattle In Motion at www.cattleinmotion.com by October 26 to allow for early bidding. If you do not have internet access and wish to place bids on heifers you can call either Ben or Myself or Tim at Cattle In Motion to bid for you or you can also place a proxy bid on each lot and your bid will be automatically submitted in $100.00 increments above any other bid until you buy the lot or your max bid is met.

These are homegrown heifers directly from our own breeding program and under strict health and mineral requirement protocol. They have received 4 rounds of Ultra Bac 8, Bovi Shield Gold 5 + VL5 FP since birth and were treated for Parasites on September 29 with Dectomax.

Many of the Sale Heifers were AI ‘ed to our newest herd sire Dunn Infusion A526, the $17,700.00 Brown Alliance Son that sold this spring in the VF spring Cattleman’s Classic Sale in central Oregon. His incredible phenotype, muscling, length of the body, clean sheath, and stylish head and neck made him hard to pass up and when you look at his EPD slate he becomes hard to beat. He comes to the top again with the new RAAA Indexes, ranking in the top 4% of the breed for non-parent opportunity sires for Herd Builder index at 163 and the top 2% for Grid Master at 54. His Dam, Dunn Mattie 1034, ranks @ 107 Herd Builder index Top 33% and traces back to BJR Mattie 002-1102. His EPD’s – CED 8, BW -2.8, WW76, YW 116, MK 16, ME .2, HPG 11, CEM 5, ST 15, MARB 71, CW 35, REA.49, FAT 0.03.

After AI’ ing, the heifers were sorted to 3 groups and put with our pasture, calving ease bulls for clean up. They all have very good CED and low birth weights with cutting edge genetics backing them. The Sires are listed and can be viewed by following the link on the web site to herd Bulls.

The heifers were bred to begin calving Feb. 15 and exposed for 50 days to the Pasture Bulls. There are a few Red and Black Hybrids in the offering however the majority are 100% 1A.