2012 Summer Update

Hello Everyone,

We hope you have had a productive Summer and your calves are all ripen as you gather and make ready for marketing them. The cattle market has had a few hick-ups but remains profitable for all sectors of the industry. This is good as everyone has to have a piece of the pie.

We are once again offering a very nice set of Bred Heifers. Our summer has been good with as much grass as can be remembered and the heifers have all grown out nicely. As you look at the weights, keep in mind that these heifers were all developed on strictly forage, no grain or concentrates and the commercial heifers all bred on natural heat cycles. We believe that the best and most economical performance can be captured on forage and it is also what these heifers will be expected to live on for the rest of their productive lives.

In addition to our own home bred and raised heifers, we have put together a set of heifers from other producers utilizing Simmental influence in their cow herds and sired by Red Angus bulls. These bulls were not only V-X Red Angus, but also 5L and Green Mountain, two Very Prominent Red Angus Breeders in Western Montana. We purchased these heifers in small groups and were able to sort through them and make our selections based on calf performance, and do ability as well as disposition and structure.

The heifers were bred to start calving Feb. 10,2013. Most of the heifers were exposed for 65 days to V-X Red Angus Bulls however there are 2 groups with 35 day exposure periods that were bred to black calving ease Bulls. The heifers are grouped in like kind color patterns and expected calving intervals.

They are all Bangs Vaccinated, and have been on strict health programs since birth including all fall boosters and poured with Dectomax.

The heifers are on pasture here at the Ranch in Sandpoint and can be viewed at any time to meet your schedule.

We are offering the heifers by Private Treaty first come first serve and will facilitate load out according to volume and time frame. We would like to have the heifers moved by Mid November.

The Commercial Heifers are Base Priced at $1650.00 each. The Registered Heifers are individually priced according to pedigree, performance and EPD’s.

The Wood´s Family