2011 Summer Update

After an unusually cool, wet, spring which set back the field work including the haying, we have finally gotten our summer. The cool weather broke by mid July and allowed us to get the hay in and catch up on fence building and other Ranch work. The new seeding came in good with the early moisture and also allowed the oats planted as a cover crop to produce well, for a later silage crop.

As with the farming we were forced to set back our breeding a few days. The replacement heifers are generally fed mga beginning April 1, for a May 1, synchronize date, but this year we weren’t able to begin that soon, so consequently our A.I. dates are a few days later, May 9-11. The heifers responded very nicely however and after our preg check data was returned, we were pleased with the results of 76% confirmed bred to A.I. dates.

We began the antagonizing search for another herd bull early on as bull sale season came into full swing. The availability of complete balanced Herd Bull prospects can be a real search effort. To find that bull that’s just right and then be able to get him bought is a real challenge. We finally managed to achieve our goal with the purchase of Loosli Hobo Design 042. We had several bulls picked out from prominent breeders around the area but zeroed in on 042 with the help of Seth Leachman and were grateful for his assistance in our selection. We got him bought for $7750 and after seeing other Sale Reports on other prospects we were thankful to get him for that.

We were able to collect semen on the 042 bull in early May and also collected our 7811 bull who has added so much and done such a good job at moderating birth weight and adding his balanced combination of calving ease, maternal, feed efficiency, growth and carcass quality to his progeny.

Both of these bulls are very similar in that respect so we bred as many heifers to them as we could. These bulls exemplify what our program is focused on, that being a moderate, easy fleshing mother cow, with low maintain requirements, easy calving, and optimal growth and marketability

As the haying was winding down we were all set back with the loss of our very dear friend Alan McNall. We had dedicated the top bull calf of our 2011 offering to Alan and his family as they continued their battle with deadly brain cancer It finally got him on August 8. We will miss him and his wonderful friendship and country spirit. Our Prayers remain with his family as they continue his Legacy raising cattle at McNall Shorthorns. Our thanks and congratulations go out to Albertsons A bar T Ranch for their purchase of the top bull and tremendous contribution to the McNall Family.

As the reflection on the season comes to vision, one must stop and realize how blessed we are with what has been provided for us. With the seasons come new and exciting challenges allowing us to take new journeys in life in pursuit of our dreams and goals. We are very thankful to be living in this wonderful country and as 9-11 approaches we are reminded of the sacrifices made by our countryman that we may enjoy the freedoms we have grown accustomed to.

Our family continues to grow and prosper in our western lifestyle and culture. We thank you for your support and continued interest in our program and remain ready, willing, and able, to serve you and your cattle needs.

The Wood´s Family